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Tyrannosaurus vs. Triceratops:
A moment of tension


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Image No. 10-0503-2
Date: 2010.05.03
File size: 23 X 51 cm / 350 dpi
Materials: digital paint
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January 1, 2015

.This image was composited for a picture book with very wide pages. After this image, or since 2010, I have been creating any of my paleo-scenes of Tyrannosaurus based on the same 3D model. This is the most favorite of my many works.
.In this image, to express T. rex's vigorous movement, I made her being rattled. Facing with a rash of Triceratops, T. rex is trying to ready for it with her balance lost after a short flinch. To settle the vacant space between two dinosaurs, another Triceratops is placed in the middle ground.

.Smithsonian National History and Nature Museum, Washington, has started to display this image since November 2014 (to 2018) in the short term exhibition "The Last American Dinosaurs: Discovering a Lost World".
.You can see a two-meter-wide panel on the wall between the big fossils of T. rex and Triceratops.
.With the comparison of this picture to Charles R.Knight's master piece, both are in the same panel, you will learn how the interpretation about the figure of dinosaurs has changed since 90 years before.

Keiji Terakoshi