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A Jurassic Scene: Allosaurus glaring defiance at Stegosaurus, Dinosaur panorama, Dinosaurus, Diplodocus(indlude Seismosaurus), Camptosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Brachiosaurus
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A Jurassic Scene 1:
Allosaurus glaring defiance at Stegosaurus

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Image No. 07-04270
Date: 2007.04.27
File size: 35 X 49 cm / 350 dpi
Materials: digital paint
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..An Archaeopteryx is spreading its wings on a tree fern. Overhead, a flock of Ramphorhynchus is flying away. A Stegosaurus stands on guard in response to the defiant stare of an Allosaurus under the shade of a tree. A Seismosaurus looks down upon the Allosaurus. Beyond the Araucaria, a Brachiosaurus passes by. Compared to these gigantic sauropods, even a Camptosaurus, six meters long from head to tail, seems small.

..This is a scene composed of a water place on a day in the Morrison Formation era ( the Late Jurassic) in the North America. A Kentrosaurus was brought from ancient Africa into the picture. This stegosaur was transferred from Africa in the same era based on the fact that a Brachiosaurus, originally found only in Africa, had been recently produced in the North America (although different species).

..An illustrator would somehow collect an assortment of Jurassic dinosaurs upon request.

..Even in African savanna today, contrary to our imaginary "Kingdom of Wildlife", we are told that it's not possible to always see bunches of animals everywhere. Actually, it must have been very rare for such a variety of species of dinosaurs to get together in one place at a time.

..A composition of a water place would be perfect for a sight where many animals encounter with each other ---- although the spring water in this illustration may be too humble ----.

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