About "DOFU-AN"

"DOFU-AN" is a nickname of Terakoshi's studio. It isn't a corporation.
"Gallery DOFU-AN" is a virtual gallery that exhibits Keiji Terakoshi's works.
The name "DOFU" comes from "Jean Christophe", a character created by a French writer Romain Rolland, who is the favorite writer of Terakoshi's.
"DOFU" resembles to "tophe" in pronunciation, and represents earth and wind in Japanese.
"AN" means a small place functioning as a workshop or studio.

We think it is important for DOFU-AN to not only introduce Terakoshi and Terakoshi's works to others, but also exhibit useful information for society, especially for promising young artists.
It is very hard to achieve this due to our limited time, but we will try our best to realize our dream someday.

Please wait with great anticipation.

Texts are written by Yoko Terakoshi.
And we appreciate our friend Miwako Iwamoto's help with our translation of this site into English.

Keiji & Yoko Terakoshi